rhia reviews: Without Mercy by Bethany Helen Lake

A small guide to letting go, learning to love you33842515.jpgrself, and, when the time is right, learning to love again.

My GoodReads rating: ★★★★★

Now I am slightly biased when it comes to this collection because its writer (poet?) is one of my closest friends.

But even if I didn’t know Beth, I’d still love this little selection of her poetry.

It follows the end of an abusive relationship, moving into the beginning of a new love, transitioning through a lovely piece of prose. It’s about taking a step back from someone who hurts you to find someone who loves you – yourself. I think those themes come across really well, especially because Beth’s not particularly subtle when it comes to talking about the violence.

This isn’t a long book. There really are only 24 pages and not all of those pages even have writing on, but every single word is carefully chosen to send the right message.



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